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Educational chatbots are brilliantly transforming

the way institutions interact with their students.

Capture new opportunities

in a world of accelerated digital transformation to provide the ultimate customer experience.

Tech and Media

Tech Companies and Digital Platforms

The lines between tech companies and digital platforms are blurring, with more businesses offering complete solutions.’s API helps you grow and improve your portfolio for a successful future.


Marketing Agencies

Staying ahead of digital innovations is a struggle. The challenge is to be where your customers are while evolving privacy regulations raise new barriers in connecting with your audience. Adequate tooling helps to stay on top of your game.

Media and Publishers

The media and publishing industry has been turned upside down by the online revolution. Traditional media must embrace new technologies to stay relevant.Tech-savvy partners such as can help further develop new opportunities.

Collect Feedback from Students

Collect feedback from parents and students through Social media messengers and see higher response rate.


Answer Student and Faculty Questions 24/7

Support students and staff by quickly resolving their questions.

Share Exam Schedule and Time

Inform students about upcoming exams, class schedules and upcoming events, proactively.

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