In simple terms, a chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) based computer program that can interact with a human either via voice or text through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps, or the telephone. These digital assistants can understand user requests and give prompt relevant answers. Chatbots are one of the most advanced technologies that revolutionize how humans communicate and interact with machines.

Using 247chatApp bots, businesses with a large customer base can benefit from automating customer service, allowing customer service agents to focus on more challenging tasks and higher-value work that require a human touch. With us, you can deliver a personalized customer experience at scale. Here are some chatbot benefits for you and your customers.

  • Answer and respond to customer questions.

  • Automate repetitive tasks.

  • Cut down on operational costs.

  • Allow customers to communicate with your business via existing messaging platforms.

  • Deliver customer support round the clock.

  • Schedule appointments, including phone calls, meetings and webinars.

  • Send users surveys, including customer satisfaction surveys.

  • Transition to a live chat with a real human.

  • Manage thousands of conversations simultaneously.

  • Provide users with timely updates including receipts and order confirmation

All conversational messaging technology has opened doors to faster Customer Service Solutions. Which can be useful in many aspects of the Customer Experience. It provides customer service, presents product recommendations, and engages customers through targeted marketing campaigns.

It depends on the complexity of the client requirements. Our current record is 4-6 weeks to build an average simple bot. However, in more complex scenarios, where the client requirements are not clear or there is a need for multi phases of building, it might take 2-3 months.

There are some scenarios when the client’s needs cannot be fulfilled by automated chat. In these cases, human support is required.

To ensure a seamless customer transition, an escalation to a human agent might be required when a customer:

  • Requests a phone or video call.

  • Asks the same question multiple times.

  • Asks a question the bot doesn’t know how to answer.

Chatbots are designed to respond to the most frequent customer requests and use cases. It is important to focus on mastering these questions before adding new functions and conversations later on.

Remember to list all the common questions and prioritize them with regard to the volume and complexity of each required response.

We deliver multilingual support at scale and automate customer service in both English and Arabic. Our chatbots are trained to decipher different Arabic dialects, understand exactly what the user wants and respond naturally and accurately.

Our chatbots are omni-channel, which means you can engage your customers where they spend most of their time and connect your conversational app to the tools and applications that your customers already use.

The following are examples of channels that our chatbots support to interact with your current and prospective customers:

  • Your website.

  • Your mobile app.Facebook Messenger.

  • Facebook Messenger.

  • WhatsApp.

  • Telegram.

  • Others

With our AI-powered tools, building your own chatbot is quite easy! All you have to do is choose your chatbot platform, connect your chatbot with your business account and add a workflow to start chatting with your current and prospective customers.

Data protection is our top priority. As long as your website and technology stack are set up securely and you take steps to ensure that your customer data is secure, then rest assured that your data is safe with us.

We use protocols, systems and security to protect users.