Real Estate Chatbot 

Differentiate With an Excellent Customer Experience

Real Estate Chatbot for 24/7 Lead Generation without needing to make a phone call.

How the Real Estate Chatbot Helps You

Qualify buyers & sellers

The real estate chatbot asks qualifying questions of buyers and sellers to determine their exact wants and needs when prospecting the real estate market.

Educate potential buyers

For those who are not ready to contact right away, there’s an “About Agent” flow enabling your real estate bot visitors to learn more about the agent and find professional information and social network profiles.

Smart replies

The chatbot for real estate automatically recognizes when users type phrases like “I want to buy”, “can I sell my property?”, and responds to them with relevant answers.

Increase engagement

Easily segment and tag your leads so you can automatically send follow-ups to prospective buyers, persuading them to come to an open house.

Encourage referrals

With more leads, more engagement, and automated follow-ups, you’ll receive referrals more often without requiring extra work from you.

Get buyer alerts

 Receive email or Facebook Messenger notifications whenever prospects show an interest in a property you have listed in the real estate chatbot.

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