Ease & Efficiency for Restaurants


Differentiate With an Excellent Customer Experience

Essentially, it will be your gracious, helpful service staff.Food ordering can be as simple and convenient as typing in chat Make table reservation.

Instead of making a call, your customers can simply send a chat to the chatbot, and tell the bot when you’re coming. Then, just wait for a confirmation from the bot.

All you need to run your restaurant in one single platform

 Ease & Efficiency for Restaurants

Take orders right

If you know what you are craving for, simply type in what you want to eat. Alternatively, you can ask the chatbot to show you the menu.


Note down special requests

After ordering your food, you might want to make it less spicy or less oily. Don’t keep it to yourself. Let the chatbot know, and it will get you your perfect order.

Collect payments and send receipts

With all this cashless movement, you can make payment via chat as well. The chatbot will bring you to a secured portal to make a payment.

Make each interaction with your brand an impressive one. From reservations to orders

Learn more about who’s dining with you from conversational data: their culinary preferences, most requested food items, and of course, feedback on your current menu!